General Terms of Service


Validity and application of these general terms and conditions

These General Terms and Conditions apply to anyone (user) who visits or uses the website, which at the time of adoption of these General Terms and Conditions is available on the website (hereinafter the website) and with which managed by TEKSEL, trgovina, distribucija in storitve, doo, Tržaška cesta 132, Ljubljana (hereinafter: the provider).

These general terms and conditions apply to the entire website. In addition to these general terms and conditions, certain parts of the website, subpages or certain users may be subject to special terms or legal notices.

By using the website, the user confirms that he accepts and agrees with all the provisions of these general terms and conditions and that he is acquainted with the Privacy Policy.

These General Terms and Conditions may be amended or supplemented at any time without notice or notice. By using the website under the changed conditions, the user confirms that he agrees with the changes.

Provider information and contact

Provider and registered office: TEKSEL, trgovina, distribucija in storitve, d.o.o. (abbreviated company: TEKSEL d.o.o.), Tržaška cesta 132, Ljubljana

E-mail address (address where the user can send his objections, comments, requests and statements): [email protected]

Registration number: 6005934000

VAT ID: SI13574647

Entered into the Companies Register of the District Court of Ljubljana in Slovenia on 28.7.2011

Use of the site

The user undertakes to use the website legally and in the usual way, in accordance with the purpose of the website.

The use of the website does not create any contract or contractual relationship between the user and the provider. Due to the use of the website, the user has no other obligations than the obligations stated in these conditions.

Subscribe to e-news and registered users' rights

The application is voluntary, the data provided by the user at the time of registration are protected in accordance with the Privacy Policy. The registered user may at any time request that the provider permanently and efficiently delete his data provided at the time of registration. Deletion terminates the registered user's status and all rights associated with it. The user can log in again at any time.

Prices on the site

All prices published are informative.
All prices published in price lists and prices written next to the item or. services are specified. The price can be changed only in agreement between the buyer and the seller.

All prices are in euros. The price already includes 22% value added tax.


The ordering process or sequence of steps leading to the purchase of the product:

We accept orders during working hours by phone: +386 (0)1 620 77 25, in writing, by fax: 01 620 77 26 and by e-mail: [email protected]

Orders sent in writing, by fax and e-mail are also accepted outside working hours.


For any delivery of goods, payment must be made in advance to the transaction account of TEKSEL d.o.o., unless otherwise specified in the agreement.

Upon receipt of the goods, we issue a delivery note and an invoice for the received goods. By signing the delivery note, the buyer confirms receipt of the goods.

Costs are charged by prior arrangement with the client. Shipment is made by post of Slovenia or with DHL delivery service. Delivery by Teksel d.o.o. is also possible, upon prior agreement and if possible.

Personal collection is possible at the headquarters of TEKSEL d.o.o., from Monday to Friday, between 8.00 and 16.00 or by appointment.

The goods are delivered packaged and unsecured at the expense and risk of the buyer.

Method of payment

Payments by proforma invoice, payments by invoice, payments by debit or credit card and cash on delivery.

Ownership of goods

All delivered goods remain the property of TEKSEL d.o.o. until full payment.


Invoices are issued on the basis of a delivery note.

The price of the goods on the invoice is valid according to the price list that was valid on the day of ordering the goods.

The invoice is received by the customer upon receipt of the goods or later by post.

All documents, pro forma invoices, contracts, invoices in one copy are sent to the customer in electronic form and / or on paper, and one copy on paper and / or in computer form is kept at the headquarters of TEKSEL d.o.o. Access to documents stored in TEKSEL d.o.o. is possible on the basis of an agreement with the director of TEKSEL d.o.o.


TEKSEL d.o.o. is obliged to monitor and promptly resolve all claims submitted by the customer.

Deadline for repair or. the elimination of the defect is 45 days from the day when the guarantor or authorized service received a request for free repair of defects and defects of the product.

Only if the manufacturer does not rectify the defect within this period must the consumer replace the product free of charge with the same new and faultless product.

In the event that the advertised goods cannot be replaced with the same (it is no longer in stock / no longer available), it is by mutual agreement exchanged for goods that correspond in value and quality to the advertised. The deadline for resolving the complaint is 45 days.

Warranty repairs or replacements are performed at the supplier's service center, where the customer must deliver or send the advertised goods at his own expense. Costs of materials, spare parts, work, transport and all costs incurred in eliminating defects or. when replacing the product with a new one under the warranty is borne by the seller.

However, the above rules are without prejudice to the rules on the seller's liability for defects in goods.

Protection of intellectual property rights

The entire content of the website, regardless of the form in which it is expressed, is copyrighted. The holder of copyright on published content is the provider or the person for whom this is explicitly stated for individual content.

All copyrights are reserved to their holders. Under no circumstances may the publication of content on the Website be construed as a waiver of any copyright in the Content of the Website.

Without the express prior written permission of the provider or copyright holder, any use of any content published on the website for any purpose other than for the personal viewing of the user is prohibited. It is also forbidden to use the content in such a way that the entire site is included in another site. Violation may result in criminal and tort liability. and TEKSEL d.o.o. are registered trademarks of the provider and third parties and are protected under the provisions of the Industrial Property Act. The publication of trademarks on the website can in no way be construed as a waiver of any right arising from these trademarks. Violation may result in criminal and tort liability.

Final Provisions

The invalidity of any provision of these General Terms and Conditions, regardless of the reason for invalidity, does not mean the invalidity of these General Terms and Conditions as a whole. In such a case, the invalid provision shall be deemed to be unwritten, and these General Terms and Conditions shall continue to apply without this provision.

The law of the Republic of Slovenia applies to legal relations between users and the provider. The material court in Ljubljana is competent for resolving possible disputes.


These general terms and conditions are valid from 1.1.2012